She Was Released from Prison After 18 Years -Now What? • This is Crazy 3…

September 10, 2015

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January 11, 2015

Get Your Portable ID!

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i miss my Selmers

July 8, 2013

my how quick you came and left your life she was the best dog I ever had …….. October 21st 2007 to june 21st 2013

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May 14, 2013

1. The Netherlands
2. Belgium
3. Spain

4. Canada

5. South Africa
7. Sweden
8. Portugal
9. Iceland

10. Argentina
11. Denmark
12. Uruguay
13. New Zealand
14. France

this is the list of Countries that have marriage equality  you see a pattern here……….. euro rules!!

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When the end comes

February 3, 2013
I know you don’t live forever and in the end i make sure i have no should haves, and no could haves.  That is why i am moving with Brian to las Vegas nv. This a dream of mind sense i was a child and this is my 3rd attempt at getting there

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U.S. Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook

February 3, 2013

simply moving piece in huffington post

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We were here

January 12, 2013


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Justice for the innocent!!!!!

January 12, 2013

Damon A. Thibodeaux, Louisiana Death Row Inmate, Exonerated By DNA Evidence 15 Years After Being Condemned – The Huffington Post

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Apollo Logistics, L.L.C. review

December 7, 2012

This is simply elaborate Internet  a scam run through Craigslist!! Please read this.

Saw the add on craigslist like every one else reading this. I filled out the app and sent all the required info in by e-mail a few days later my info packet arrived I called the dispatch as it said in the instruction. 
his name was Casey, seemed confident and new his stuff, said he was an ex OTR driver.

He explained most jobs were under 600 miles and they paid for hotel/motels when there was a layover or you went past 600 miles in a day and that they would pay for transportation from drop to pick up location. That was in fact the first of many lies!!

second lie is that they will pay you 10 cents a mile to dead head between pick ups, Of instance My first drop was in a Boston suburb and the next truck i was to pick up was in mid-Vermont the next day. 145 miles away!! was not paid a dime. 

now the second part you must understand is they do not give a crap if you get a dot hours violation, at all i was told on the second trip get it there as fast as you can to north Dakota, Casey called back the next day and said well you should be 1,000 miles down the road. and to wich i said umm no you can only drive legally about 620 miles, His response was “o yeah??” 

by the 3rd day i broke down in Chicago and when I called the emergency?!?!? number. I was told by a guy named Richard “well you figure out the details of how you are going to get it towed and call us back.”

I Made all the arrangements had it towed to the dealer. i called and was told “I have to get authentication, you couldn’t fix it your self??” then I had to spend my own money to get a room in Chicago. 

the next morning I called over and over to Casey and got only voice mail. I was then forced out of the room and decided well i am going to make the best of it and began exploring Chicago, At 3 pm cst Casey called back and said they were not fixing it and that he needed to give me another job,

 I needed to be on a bus a 3 am. So i went back to the truck got my belonging then made my way to the bus station. 
I got on the bus and arrived at my next city Springfield, OH. Then I was expected to drive the truck to the destination 475 miles to eastern pa before they would pay for another room!! after being awake for 30+ hours. I said hell no got the truck and rented a room in that same town, Got up the next morning friday at 2 am drove the 475 miles, the plan was to car pool in a rental drive back to springfield,oh 475 miles then have me continue on in the rental to indianapolis, in

Here is another lie Casey says the person picking the car up will have the fuel money!! it was a CX-7 and low and behold there was only 25 dollars total for us to drive 475 miles plus 200+ miles and no money for tolls either!!! needless to say we called the emergency number to which we never received  a call back. so we drove the 475 miles and we all pitched in to get there then out of my own pocket i pulled another 60 dollars and also drove through every toll 🙂 cheese….. 

I ended up sleeping in the car on Sunday night. called Casey and the emergency number all morning Monday to get the money to fill-up the tank so i could return the car. He finally answered at 11 am he put in a 180 in com-data that was supposed to get gas pay from a taxi from airport to next truck pick up then a bus ticket from there to MN where i was supposed to pick up my final truck that would have taken my home for thanksgiving. 
well the final nail in the coffin was this when i arrived at the pick up location in Indy for the truck, the person said that truck number has all ready been delivered again i called Casey were he said oops well i need to e-mail so and so about this and he would be back to me in a while,
I waited 3 hours and after no response decided I was about to get stranded for the 2nd time in the same city in the same day and so i hoped a plane and came home!!

and you ask well how much did you get paid for this crazy trip and the answer is not one CENT!!!!!

Do not do business with this company, DO not sign a contract, they simply will not pay you if you are a driver and if you contract them to drive your equipment they are sure to wreck it by having sleeping drivers!!

Payment summary

Earned (Basepay and FuelSC):$847.38
Reimbursed (Transportation, Tolls, Permits, Motel, Other): $120.00
Deductions(OCC Insurance,Comdata Fuel, Comchecks, Negative Balance carried forward): $1,072.45
Comdata Cash Taken for the week paid between Monday and Sunday at midnite): $0.00

I am not alone but i will see to it that when someone Google’s this company as i did they have the facts about Apollo, Here are other peoples experiences…..

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“St. Louis Blues,” The Blues Doctors at the Farmer’s Market in Oxford, M…

September 30, 2012

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